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The material in the Pro Contractor Training was compiled in 15 + years of working in the trenches as a builder, contractor and real estate investor. With over 1000+ new builds and another 1000+ rehabs under my belt, there isn't much that I haven't encountered. More important is the knowledge gained from these projects and the ability to train others on how to be successful in this industry. Learn how to start, manage and scale your own contracting company and avoid the numerous pitfalls that exist. Are you looking for a career change? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a Real Estate Agent who wants expand you services and income? Are you a Real Estate investor who wants to increase your margins? Maybe you want to be your own Contractor for your own home? If you answered yes to any of these you are in the right place...
-  Gregory Black 
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The Pro Contractor Training is a one of a kind program that will guide you step by step through starting, managing and scaling your very own Contracting Business. All of my lessons are available in video, and audio format for your convenience. Listen, this is not a 30,000 foot overview of the industry. This is a pound the pavement course that was compiled from 15 years in the trenches and is full of the secrets and best practices that the PROS use.

Scopes and Estimating Masterclass
Do you want to be able to quote a project accurately in hours and not days. Missteps will cost you thousands in lost profits so learn to do it right from the beginning. This course contains the actual software I use on a daily basis to write scopes of work, calculate budgets and develop estimates for my projects. Not only will you have access to all of my templates but I will train you in depth how to use them and how to build menu pricing so you can trim months off your learning process.
Project Management Masterclass
This training is a must for any new Contractor. You will get over 15 years of experience compressed into an easy to follow playbook for managing any type of project. The topics covered include managing customers and subcontractors with confidence, scheduling for success, managing the punch like a Pro, and much more. To supplement the training material you will receive the actual schedules my business uses with in depth training on how to use and customize them to fit any project you are working on. Designed for beginners and Pros, the schedules lay out the critical path that will make you an expert scheduler regardless of experience level.
Contracts and Documents Masterclass
What contracts should you use to protect yourself and your business? What contracts are needed for subcontractors? Contracts are mandatory, and the days of handshake deals are dead. If you aren't using the correct contracts you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk. My Contracts and Documents Course includes in depth training and downloadable documents that can be easily modified to accommodate any type of project. I will cover what documents need to be executed for customers, subcontractors as well as for tax purposes. This is the complete package and will save you countless hours of research and many thousands of dollars on Attorneys and unnecessary financial losses. Includes everything you will need in 30 pages of documents available for download.
Pro Contractor Project Notebook
First Impressions are crucial for your success so look like a Pro from day one with the Pro Contractor Secrets Project Notebook. This notebook contains everything you will need to document your project from start to finish in one place. Pages include: Project Details, Project Notes, Scope of Work, Graphs, Calendars, and Punch Lists
(Each Notebook = 5 projects
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